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GLBTIQ Resource Center Renovations

By Hannah Gleason, Contributor Increasing student attendance prompted renovations to KSU’s GLBTIQ Resource Center between Sept. 2 and Sept. 12. Prior to renovat... Continue Reading


Kennesaw is pushing forward to create a tolerable image from...

By Garrette Griffin (Contributor) Kennesaw Mountain has been the battleground of the American Civil War and Georgia has been a battleground for the battle for C... Continue Reading


A taboo icon: Joan Rivers

By: Anna Streetman Hollywood lost another legend this month. Joan Rivers, actress, comedienne, writer, producer and television host, was pronounced dead Sept. 4... Continue Reading

Matt Boggs | The Sentinel

Men’s basketball eligibility update: Who’s in, who’s out...

Chris Raimondi (Sports Editor) @ChrisDRaimondi KSU men’s basketball team has been busy this offseason negotiating several transfer players’ eligibility. Before ... Continue Reading